What Employers Need to Know About OSHA?

What Employers Need to Know About OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has been around since 1971 as an agency that helps protect American workers from any kind of hazards on the job. But what are these hazards? What should employers know about OSHA? And why does this matter to employers in […]

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The Danger of Trench Foot

Trench foot occurs when an individual spending long periods of time in cold, wet, conditions. It is a type of tissue damage and can lead to swelling, pain, and other disturbances in the feet. If left untreated, trench foot can lead more serious injury to the skin, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Therefore, it is […]

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High Winds and the Danger They Present

With Winter right around the corner, we must discuss the dangers not only cold temperatures bring, but also the dangers high winds present. High winds can cause serious injuries on the jobsite. Either by causing someone to slip or by knocking an object over, there are countless possible injuries that could occur, unless proper procedures […]

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OSHA Training Requirements

Safety on the job site should never be overlooked. It is essential that everyone who is present on the worksite understands the hazards and knows of ways to manage the risks they are facing. OSHA requires its employers to provide training to workers who face daily hazards while on the job. Below you will find […]

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The Dangers of Cold Temperature

We have already touched on some of the hazards that come with Winter, which you can read more about here, but we must continue to do in-depth discussions about winter hazards. High winds are only one of the many dangers that come with Winter, but the silent threat is the cold temperature. Both workers and employers need […]

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Electrical Hazards on the Job Site

When workers can accurately identify potential electrical hazards, the risk of electrocution diminishes. However, when there are improper training and a lack of experience, mistakes are far more likely to occur. Construction workers make up 52% of workers who have died from electrocution.  Therefore, it is essential to train workers adequately to prevent further accidental […]

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Our 20th Anniversary

With Foy Safety now celebrating 20 years, we believed it to be time to reflect on our business’s journey. We could not be more excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary with you and are looking forward to continuing to serve and protect Baltimore’s construction industry! In commemoration, we interviewed our CEO, Terry Foy, and asked […]

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Safety and its Return on Investment

Ensuring you have sound safety practices in place is not only good for maintaining the health of your employees, but also good for your business. Research conducted, as well as industry expereience, shows that health and safety programs receive a substantial return on investment. Where does the Return on Investment Come From? By having sound […]