Hazard Recognition & Analysis

Are you sure your jobsite or workplace meets existing hazard prevention standards?

How Can Foy Safety Help My Company?

  • We will perform a physical “walk through” of your location(s) in order to fully identify types and extent of the safety and health hazards that may exist
    • We are dedicated to making sure you and your team are safe and able to successfully pass all compliance tests.
  •  We will help you determine what safe work practices along with proper personal protective equipment will be necessary to provide adequate protection for all of your employees.
  • We will assist in the training of each of your employees to ensure that they are educated and understand different safety and health hazards for themselves, as well as others.

If you have questions about what Foy Safety can do for your company, consider visiting our FAQ page! If you cannot find the answer there, write us an email or give us a call!