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28 Feb 2019

IN LIKE A LION, OUT LIKE A LAMB – Springtime compounds job site hazards for workers

With Spring just around the corner, construction projects and opportunities are plentiful, but so are the hazards. However, it is vital that you continue to prioritize the safety of your workers to avoid unnecessary setbacks. In the U.S., Spring is often accompanied by heavy rain, high winds, and heat waves, with some of the most common job site accidents being a result of slipping and falling on wet surfaces. It is essential that you take steps as an employer to ensure workers’ safety. The following are a few tips that both you and your workers can follow to ensure safety while on the job site.

Keep Gear and Work Area Clean
Keeping the work area, as well as boots and gloves, clean from mud or dirt will greatly reduce the possibility of injury. This also includes keeping one’s safety glasses clear of obstructions, such as water or fog. It is impossible to keep the work area and gear completely clean at all times, but you should make sure your workers clean their gear regularly. Attempting to use stairs or ladders with muddy boots potentially could lead to a nasty fall.

Inclement Weather
While on the job site, if you are experiencing inclement weather, ensure all workers are moving at a slower pace. We understand that there are often deadlines that need to be met. However, these deadlines are not worth the safety or lives of your workers. While this will result in slower progress, it cannot compare to the complete stop in progress if an injury occurred.

Wearing the Right Gear
Always have on site spare/replacement reflective and waterproof gear for your workers. During inclement weather, especially for those working on public roads and highways, it is extremely important that they be easily seen by each other and by drivers. It is also important that workers are able to remain warm while on the job site, making waterproof jackets, hoodies, and gloves vital for your team.